YEN Yield Testing

Since the YEN began in 2012, the farmers, advisors and scientists involved have…

Guide to Farmers Crop Trials

Developed by ADAS as part of the Agronomics programme this guide gives instructions on how to conduct successful on-farm crop trials.

Agronomics Analysis: Gauging confidence in crop yield comparisons

ADAS has developed a new way for farmers to test their decisions which it calls ‘agronomics analysis’

Farmers work together to test yield enhancing ideas

The YEN Yield Testing (YYT) project held a workshop for farmers, agronomists, researchers and members of the industry who had been involved in five different Farmer Innovation Groups (FIGs) in the…

Guide to Farmers' Crop Trials

ADAS believes that by working together with other farmers, suppliers, agronomists and scientists, farmers can use their own trials to bring fast learning, new findings and best practice for…