Success for Farm-PEP with Defra Farming Innovation Pathways funding

Daniel Kindred

We are really pleased to announce that we've been successful in the Defra & UKRI Farming Innovation Pathways competition with developing our Farm-PEP concept to support on-farm research and knowledge sharing.

The funding is from October 2021 to September 2023 and supports ADAS, AICC, British Geological Survey, Innovative Farmers and Map of Ag/Precision Decisions in developing Farm-PEP as a Performance Enhancement Partnership.

The project will develop from the platform being created at in a separate Innovate UK project. It supports the approach that ADAS has developed with the YENs and Agronomics to bring together farmers, advisors, industry and researchers around a common topic of interest. All four pillars of the approach above will be addressed, starting with (1) shared knowledge and conceptual framework that informs (2) shared metrics which allows benchmarking and analysis, leading to (3) shared ideas that can be (4) robustly tested together.

The new project will:

  • utilise the knowledge sharing functionality being developed at
  • develop data exchange of agronomic data from farm management software (Map of Ag) 
  • develop Dynamic Benchmarking for a range of metrics and filters (ADAS)
  • develop Farm Trials Tool (BGS & ADAS)
  • develop best approaches for facilitating co-learning groups (Innovative Farmers & AICC)
  • initiate Crop Nutrition Clubs

 You can read and see more about our vision for Farm-PEP from this paper and video presented last week at the OFE2021 conference.

If you'd like to find out more, or get involved, please get in touch

Find out more about the Farming Innovation Programme here, including a list of successful projects and how to apply for future funding.