YEN Nutrition

YEN Nutrition

Grain Analyses with Benchmarking for accurate nutrient management across the farm.

  • Identify fertiliser overuse

NRM article on Grain Analysis

Read Rory Geldard's interview with Roger Sylvester-Bradley on the value of analysing grain samples with YEN Nutrition.

YEN and grain analysis explained in Yara's podcast

Listen to Ken Rundle interview me about how YEN began ... and how YEN Nutrition works ... and why I refuse to retire! .. here   

Know your nutrient harvest

Sustainable human nutrition depends on growing crops – of course – but also nutrients must be re-cycled. Ultimately, to achieve sustainability, most nutrients applied to crops will need to come…

YEN at Cereals 2021

Hear about YEN Nutrition from Sarah Kendall speaking at Cereals Thursday 1 July in AHDB theatre at 2pm 

Also discuss…

Nutri-Know Networks - Knowing Nutrition around the World

In our new inter-connected era, we could routinely analyse what we harvest 

YEN Dynamic Benchmarking ready for testing

We've now come to the end of our six month Innovate UK project to develop better data exchange and 'Dynamic Benchmarking' for the YEN family.

We've achieved a lot:

  • We've added…

Another first for the YEN!

We had an excellent response to our YEN Nutrition webinar yesterday – with 115 people attending and offering over 40 comments and questions. We couldn’t possibly…