The Pea YEN was established in 2016 with support from PGRO and 15 commercial sponsors. Pea YEN has sought to understand the variation in combining pea yields between fields, farms and seasons,…

Assessment of Soil Texture

Assessment of Soil Texture

Pea YEN 2022 Entry progress sheet

This progress sheet has been designed to help Pea YEN 2022 members plan and track data and sample submissions for their Pea YEN 2022 entry.

Pea YEN 2022 entrant protocol

The latest version of the Pea YEN 2022 protocol is available for reference. We hope this will also give an idea to those interested in taking part in the Pea YEN of the sampling and data…

Pea YEN 2021 end of season summary


2021 marked the third year of the Pea Yield Enhancement Network (Pea YEN) as part of the wider YEN family format and it’s…

YEN and grain analysis explained in Yara's podcast

Listen to Ken Rundle interview me about how YEN began ... and how YEN Nutrition works ... and why I refuse to retire! .. here   

YEN at Cereals 2021

Hear about YEN Nutrition from Sarah Kendall speaking at Cereals Thursday 1 July in AHDB theatre at 2pm 

Also discuss…

Another first for the YEN!

We had an excellent response to our YEN Nutrition webinar yesterday – with 115 people attending and offering over 40 comments and questions. We couldn’t possibly…

Pulse YENs - end of 2020 season summary and beyond

The area of field beans and combining peas cropped in the UK has grown by 38 % and 28 % respectively. Pulses can offer an alternative to oilseed rape in the rotation for some,…

PGRO Pulse Agronomy guide

The PGRO Pulse Agronomy guide can be found on the PGRO website, linked below.