YEN Awards 2020 - going online and open to everyone

AUTHOR: Sarah Kendall -
TAGS: Cereal YEN, Oilseed YEN

Since 2012, The … more

Farmers are facing a phosphorus crisis. The solution starts with soil.

AUTHOR: National Geographic - Julia Rosen -
TAGS: YEN Nutrition

Overuse of fertilizer has led to phosphorus shortages and water pollution. But farms might not need so much to grow healthy crops. Roger Sylvester… more

Oilseed YEN broadens horizon with NEW establishment focus for 2020-21 & reflects on insights into high yields

AUTHOR: Sarah Kendall and Dhaval Patel -
TAGS: Oilseed YEN

Whilst many growers over recent years have struggled with OSR establishment, all growers can benefit from joining… more

Grain nutrient analysis and benchmarking AHDB webinar

AUTHOR: Roger Sylvester-Bradley -
TAGS: YEN Nutrition

Last week, Prof. Roger Sylvester Bradley joined AHDB online to discuss the inclusion of grain nutrient analysis in the latest… more

Take Control – Go with the grain

AUTHOR: Tom Allen-Stevens -
TAGS: YEN Nutrition

Grain nutrient benchmarking could reveal new ways to improve nitrogen use efficiency. 

To read further please go to… more

ADAS launches “global first” grain analysis initiative to improve crop nutrition

AUTHOR: YEN Nutrition -
TAGS: YEN Nutrition
  • In time for harvest 2020, ADAS has launched a new YEN initiative called ‘YEN Nutrition’ – to support those seeking to improve the nutrition… more