Bean YEN

Set up in 2019 in partnership with PGRO, the Bean YEN was established with the support of industry sponsors, including key developmental funding from LSPB.

The Bean YEN is entering its fourth season in 2022 and aims to continue the growth we have seen so far. Interested bean growers can join to benchmark their crops using a variety of nutritional, physiological and quality parameters. The network aim is to understand how this variation is linked to achieved bean yields. We hope that this increased knowledge base will help us find new ways to increase bean yields on-farm.

All members will be provided with a comprehensive report, detailing how their crop performed compared to other bean crops in the YEN. Members are also invited to discuss results, experiences and ideas at the Results Conference.

Annual Bean YEN membership

Membership is open and available to anyone; farmers, agronomists, and researchers.

Membership includes:

  • One entrance into the annual Bean YEN benchmarking network (additional charges apply to enter multiple fields)
  • One free NRM soil analysis (Details and restrictions to be confirmed)
  • A comprehensive report on your crop’s performance
  • One ticket to the Annual Bean YEN Conference, and a +1 for an entry supporter (agronomist or institutional supporter)
  • Lancrop leaf tissue and seed nutrition*
  • PGRO grain bruchid beetle damage assessment*
  • Further analysis as confirmed*

*Analysis may be subject to limitations on crop development stage, date, or availability. Please note that some analysis may not be available to non-UK entrants (enquire via email at for more information).

For an idea of the sampling and data collection process involved in Bean YEN, please see the Bean YEN 2021 protocol. Please note that the protocol is subject to change.

Membership Fees

  • Individual Bean YEN Membership is £260 + VAT.
  • Entries sponsored by official Bean YEN 2022 sponsors is £260 + VAT
  • Entries sponsored by other organisations is £400 + VAT


Corporate Sponsors support the network to maintain its core activities.  Their vital role is recognised in all YEN publicity, media items, conference presentations, and on this website.

Sponsors have a key role in steering the evolution of the network and its activities.  They have access to network information, intelligence and discussions to support their own yield enhancement initiatives.

Sponsors can also make multiple competition entries, and have multiple attendance at the annual YEN conference. A few sponsors will also contribute some or all of individual farmers membership fees. For more information, please see the Bean YEN sponsorship enquiry page.

Key Dates
Deadline for free soil analysis
Network entry deadline
Bean YEN Conference - TBC


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