Oilseed YEN

Oilseed YEN

In most regions of the UK, oilseed rape crops are capable of yielding around 9 tonnes of seed per hectare.

Leading farms and research trials for oilseed rape often achieve in excess of 5…

YEN Reporting Workshop

YEN Reports are comprehensive. As well as ranking your yield, they provide many explanatory metrics. If you find this somewhat baffling, and would like to delve into the physiological analysis of…

Yield winners do battle with the elements and come out on top

The annual Yield Enhancement Network Awards for cereals and oilseeds went online for the first time on Wednesday 25th November. Held in conjunction with the Croptec Show and…

Guidance for measuring plant population and assessing CSFB damage

  • At the 4-8 true leaf stage:
  • To measure plant population where the crop has been…

Oilseed YEN broadens horizon with NEW establishment focus for 2020-21 & reflects on insights into high yields

Whilst many growers over recent years have struggled with OSR establishment, all growers can benefit from joining

Oilseed YEN Technical Webinar

Webinar Agenda


4:00 – 4:10pm     

Welcome & Introduction – Chair: Pete Berry


4:10 – 4:35pm     …

YEN Awards 2020

YEN Awards 2020 will be hosted as a webinar in Conjunction with Crop Tech 2020 and is open to all.

Please click…