Oilseed YEN

Oilseed YEN

Oilseed YEN Establishment Beauty Contest is now open for 21-22.

The Oilseed YEN network is striving to help the whole industry to successfully grow Oilseed rape (OSR) and…

YEN Awards 2021


YEN Awards Meeting at The CropTec Show: 24th November 2021


YEN and grain analysis explained in Yara's podcast

Listen to Ken Rundle interview me about how YEN began ... and how YEN Nutrition works ... and why I refuse to retire! .. here https://www.yara.co.uk/crop-nutrition/agronomy-advice/podcasts/   

Oilseed YEN 2021-22 open for registrations

Registration is now open for Oilseed YEN 2021-22 - in time for growers establishing OSR this month and beyond.

AHDB have kindly provided funding to support the Establishment…

YEN Family at Groundswell

Find out more about the YEN Family in the AHDB tent at Groundswell on 23 & 24 June.

Daniel Kindred and Sarah Kendall will be on hand over the…

Oilseed rape yield potential for 2021

Oilseed Rape establishment in 2020 was generally much more successful than in 2018 or 2019. Adult Cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) damage was reduced on the whole, probably due to…

Another first for the YEN!

We had an excellent response to our YEN Nutrition webinar yesterday – with 115 people attending and offering over 40 comments and questions. We couldn’t possibly…

YEN is Growing!

The power and value of YEN networks depend on their numbers of participants and the data that they share.  YEN networks collectively now have over 2,800 yields in their joint database, and…