Oilseed YEN

Oilseed YEN

The Oilseed YEN network is striving to help the whole industry to successfully grow Oilseed rape (OSR) and Linseed from start to finish – providing a better…

The Yield Enhancement Network Awards: Navigating Water Challenges and Celebrating Crop Excellence

In the face of increasing challenges posed by fluctuations in rainfall and variable climate conditions, the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) entered its second decade in 2023, marking over 11 years…

YEN Conference 2023 Speakers

Tim Isaac

Associate Partner, Saffron Walden

Tim achieved a first-class degree in agricultural business…

COP 3 YEN Zero Webinar

COP 3 YEN Zero, 21st November 2023

Mitigating carbon emissions associated with crop production

To help growers calculate the carbon footprint of their crops and identify…

YEN Conference

YEN Conference, 24th January 2024

Shared lessons about yields and water

YEN Data Entry Guide

YEN Data Entry Guide

Crop YEN Flyer

Crop YEN Flyer

Oilseed - OSR YEN 2024 - Welcome Pack (UK Entrants)

Oilseed - OSR YEN 2024 - Welcome Pack (UK Entrants)

Oilseed - OSR YEN 2024 - Welcome Pack (outside UK Entrants)

Oilseed - OSR YEN 2024 - Welcome Pack (outside UK Entrants)

Russ McKenzie awarded Innovator of the Year at YEN 2022 Awards

At the 2022 YEN Conference, YEN sponsors reaffirmed that “YEN exists to identify farming innovators and support them in their innovating”. At the awards event, we were delighted to award ‘…