PGRO Pulse Agronomy guide


The PGRO Pulse Agronomy guide can be found on the PGRO website, linked below.

Pea YEN 2020 entrant protocol


The Pea YEN 2020 protocol is archived to give an idea of the sampling and data collection involved in taking part in the Pea YEN. Please note that processes and sampling are subject to change for 2021, for example registration and crop information will be submitted directly through online forms…

Pea YEN 2020 entry protocol_final.pdf

How greenhouse gas emissions relate to crop yields and inputs - LinkedIn article


Linkedin article from Daniel Kindred about the relationship between greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and high crop yields.

Guidance for measuring plant population and assessing CSFB damage

TAGS: Oilseed YEN

  • At the 4-8 true leaf stage:
  • To measure plant population where the crop has been drilled in rows, count the number of plants in 1m length of row at 4-8 true leaf stage…

    Download as pdf

YEN Nutrition Example Offtake Report-1

TAGS: YEN Nutrition

Example YEN Nutrition Report-1 (Offtake report)

YEN Nutrition Report-1

Grain nutrient analysis and its role in management - AHDB

TAGS: YEN Nutrition

AHDB webpage about the role of grain nutrient analysis and why it was added to RB209 in 2020. 

Visit to learn more.

New Zealand pea growing guide


Producers around the world face a number of challenges with the pea crop. Whilst regional differences in climate, soil and weather patterns mean that lessons in one region are not immediately transferable to another, the approaches taken in New Zealand, where there are some…

Client Details Form - YEN Nutrition


Please download the Client Details Form, fill in and send it to We will then send you a Membership ID for each of your clients so that they or you can complete their …

Client Details Form

Bean YEN 2020 Entrant Protocol


The Bean YEN 2020 protocol has been archived to provide an idea of the sample collection and data contribution process in the Bean YEN. Please note that these processes are subject to change for the 2021 season, for example crop information will be directly submitted using online forms.

Bean YEN entry Protocol 2020.pdf