YEN Zero

YEN Zero

We have a few sponsored places available so malted barley growers to join YEN Zero for free in 2024! Contact us at to register…

COP 3 YEN Zero Webinar

COP 3 YEN Zero, 21st November 2023

Mitigating carbon emissions associated with crop production

To help growers calculate the carbon footprint of their crops and identify…

YEN Conference

YEN Conference, 24th January 2024

Shared lessons about yields and water

YEN Zero Flyer

YEN Zero Flyer

YEN Conference 2022

Celebrate 10 years of YEN at the YEN Conference, 24th Jan 2023

Members from all the Yield Enhancement Networks are invited to join the YEN Conference to celebrate 10 years of YEN.

YEN Zero workshop on Productivity as part of Countryside COP2

As part of CFE's Countryside COP 2022 week of events highlighting how the rural community can drive towards Net Zero…

YEN Zero Discussion Workshop: The role of crop productivity in reaching agriculture net-zero

This workshop, hosted by CFE Online as part of their Countryside COP programme, will provide an introduction to crop carbon benchmarking network …

YEN Zero brings growers together to calculate, compare and cut crop carbon emissions

To assist growers at the start of their carbon reduction journey, crop carbon benchmarking network YEN Zero is back and open to all for 2022/2023. YEN Zero, established in…

Benchmarking crop carbon footprints reveals opportunities for cutting emissions

Fuel use

Using the average carbon footprint of winter wheat feed crops of 2,724 kg CO2e/ha, it was shown that moving from a plough-based to a direct drill cultivation system could cut…

Benchmarking crop carbon footprints reveals opportunities for cutting emissions

The newest member of the YEN family – YEN Zero – has successfully completed its pilot year. Initiated in July 2021, this network has been created by agricultural…