Yield Enhancement Networks (YENs) were launched in 2012 to support and energise on-farm learning-by-sharing and thus to enhance farming progress.

Through their initial decade YENs have been primarily focused on crop yields, but YENs now also address issues such as nutritional efficiency (YEN Nutrition) and carbon intensity (YEN Zero). 

YENs let members share quantitative field-specific intelligence anonymously e.g. grain yield or soil health, so they can see how they stand compared to all others.   The combined dataset from all YENs contains >2,800 crop yields so far, with >650,000 points of explanatory data. Entrants and sponsors can interrogate this dataset to hatch farm- and field-specific ideas about best enhancements. Farms and sponsors can then either modify their strategies directly or, where an idea is uncertain and common across farms, they can collaborate in robust and coordinated field-scale experiments, with results shared to hasten everyone's knowledge & progress.

There are an increasing number of YENs, including internationally. All YENs share a common definition defined here.

YEN founder Roger Sylvester-Bradley explaining why the YEN was set up

YEN Sponsors and funders

The YEN could not exist without our corporate sponsors. See our full list of sponsors

People of YEN

Megan Tresise
Megan Tresise
Climate and Sustainability Consultant
Dhaval Patel
YEN Manager
Katie Evans
Agricultural Consultant
Sarah Kendal
Sarah Kendall
Crop Physiologist
Pete Berry
Pete Berry
Director Crop Physiology
Sarah Clarke
Sarah Clarke
Crop Scientist