YEN Definition


Document setting out the shared attributes common to all YENs

YEN Definition

Oilseed YEN 2022 - Example OSR Report

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Oilseed YEN 2022 - Example Oilseed Report

Example OSR Report

Farm-PEP Vision

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This document sets out our vision for Farm-PEP.  This forms a paper given to the conference on On-Farm Experimentation at Montpellier in October 2021 - OFE2021

You can also view a video

OFE21 Farm-PEP v2.pdf

Farm-PEP - Revised Wire Frames

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We are really excited to share a first set of Wire Frames for the revised Farm-PEP concept.

Please ignore the content in these - its nonsense. Also ignore the branding.  But we are keen to know if the structure and layout works for you, and if it is obvious what the purpose and…

Wireframe for Landing Page , Wireframe for Topic Page , Wireframe for Page , Wireframes pages for Landing Page, Topic & Page in one pdf

Farm-PEP 1st concept wire frames

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First ideas on what the Farm-PEP web solution might look like

Farm-PEP Concepts v1 , Farm-PEP concepts v3

Agronomics Line Trials

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ADAS's Agronomics service has been offering robust on-farm Line Trials experimentation for precise and relevant testing of farm decisions since 2017. We working with networks of farmers to address farm specific questions with precision farming technology, remote sensing and modern data analysis…

Agronomics flyer

Farm-PEP: Impact of Covid-19 on Knowledge Exchange - Survey, Interviews & Workshop Reports

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As part of our Farm-PEP Innovate UK project we conducted a rapid appraisal of the impact of the Covid-19 disruption on the delivery and future of knowledge exchange in UK agriculture. 

The work was led by Prof Julie Ingram at University of Gloucester's…

Farm-PEP Covid19 KE Survey report , Farm-PEP Covid19 KE Workshop report , Farm-PEP Covid19 KE Interviews report , Farm-PEP Covid19 KE Synthesis Summary , Design Thinking workshop & formulation of Challenge Statement , Summary Report of the KE appraisal