The essential idea behind the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) is that to understand your yields, you should regard your crops as converters of solar into edible energy, and hence must analyse their performance accordingly. 

Our aim is to help farmers know their yields, and work out what is limiting them. 

Our approach is to consider the yield potential of the season and compare it to the actual yield achieved. To do this, we look at the development of a given crop, the basic resources (light energy & water) available to that crop, and then its success in capturing these and using them to form grain.  

YEN founder Roger Sylvester-Bradley explaining why the YEN was set up

YEN Sponsors and funders

People of YEN

Katie Evans
Agricultural Consultant
Sarah Kendal
Sarah Kendall
Crop Physiologist
Daniel Kindred
Daniel Kindred
Pete Berry
Pete Berry
Director Crop Physiology
Mark Ramsden
Mark Ramsden
Crop Scientist