YEN Nutrition

YEN Nutrition is an independent network connecting anyone seeking to improve the nutrition of arable crops including farmers, advisors, suppliers and academics. Membership is open to anyone from the UK or abroad for any grain crop - cereals, oilseeds, or pulses. 

YEN Nutrition membership begins with grain analysis and independent grain nutrient benchmarking on six or more fields.

Grain analysis is used to assess accurately nutrient offtakes and grain nutrient benchmarking is used to identify which nutrient deficiency(ies) may have limited each crop's yield.

Why analyse nutrients in grain?

Grain analysis provides levels of all 12 essential nutrients: Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K), Phosphorus (P), Sulphur (S), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Boron (B), and Molybdenum (Mo). It completes the story started by soil analysis and developed by leaf analysis and reveals whether a crop actually captured enough of each nutrient throughout its entire life.

Grain analysis checks: -

  • Results of soil and leaf analysis
  • Seasonal issues
  • Whether rooting etc. was adequate
  • Whether nutrient sprays worked

Grain analyses on >900 YEN cereal crops showed that three-quarters were probably deficient in at least one nutrient. We estimate that the average YEN crop would have benefited at least £500 per field if it had received fully optimal nutrition.

Along with known yields, grain analyses also provide the most accurate estimates of crop nutrient offtakes, hence P&K requirements. This reduces unnecessary nutrient applications and on average saves on fertiliser costs by ~£50 per field.  

Routine grain analysis is now recommended in AHDB’s Nutrient Management Guide (RB209), the go-to guide for growers.  

The importance of grain nutrient benchmarking

By also benchmarking grain analyses against analyses from other concurrent crops, you can immediately see how well your crops’ nutrition ranked.Benchmarking example

As more farms become involved in grain nutrient benchmarking, understanding of crop nutrient levels and yields will improve for all farms. 

Our end of season overview of nutrient data from all farms in 2020 will show how attention to nutrition should generally be best focussed in future.  



Membership of YEN Nutrition provides:

  • A grain sampling kit with instructions, a poster, labels, sample list, sample bags and an addressed pre-paid postage bag.
  • Analysis of six (or more) grain samples for all 12 nutrients 
  • Three reports:

Register for YEN Nutrition

Registration for membership of YEN Nutrition costs £250 +VAT (including analysis and benchmarking of six samples). Additional samples cost £40 + VAT.

Existing members can add extra samples at £40 + VAT, please click here.

Particularly for agronomists and agronomy companies, bulk memberships are available at a discount for ten farms or more, please click here.

How it works

  1. Register name, address, choice of laboratory and provide payment online.
  2. Enter the details of fields or zones you wish to sample.
  3. Receive harvest sampling kit - please allow 10 days for it to arrive.
  4. Prepare the right materials and equipment at the farm's grain intake point.
  5. Take samples from each load as each field is harvested as per kit instructions.
  6. Send all samples using bag provided in the kit to your chosen lab.
  7. Report yield estimate for each registered field and say whether straw was removed.

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