Nutri-Know Networks - Knowing Nutrition around the World

Roger Sylvester-Bradley

In our new inter-connected era, we could routinely analyse what we harvest then share the results openly ... so everyone can see how to improve.

Modern data systems offer a huge opportunity – to know, and so enhance, the nutrients that the world is growing, harvesting, trading, eating … and often wasting!

  • both farm-by-farm (or field-by-field on large farms)
  • and meal-by-meal.

YEN Nutrition has proved that this works nationally, so we are now seeking partners – for example regional farmer networks, crop analytical labs., and food app developers – to co-create Nutri-Know Networks globally by September 2021, through the UN-targeted Food Systems Game Changers Lab, organised by

EATideoRockfellerThought for Food

Please describe your interest (in ~100 words, or via a link) by emailing (put ‘Nutri-Know Networks’ as the subject) and if we think you can help, we will contact you about joining our consortium.