Nutri-Know Networks - Knowing Nutrition around the World

AUTHOR: Roger Sylvester-Bradley -
TAGS: YEN Nutrition

In our new inter-connected era, we could routinely… more

YEN Zero to launch in July 2021

AUTHOR: Christina Baxter -

Launching in July 2021, a new network YEN Zero will bring together the entire supply chain, from food and drink… more

Oilseed rape yield potential for 2021

AUTHOR: Pete Berry -
TAGS: Oilseed YEN

Oilseed Rape establishment in 2020 was generally much more successful than in 2018 or 2019. Adult Cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB… more

Study published into the impacts of COVID19 on Knowledge Exchange

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -
TAGS: Farm-PEP info

As part of our Farm-PEP Innovate UK project we have now completed a rapid appraisal… more

Barley yield potential discussed at International Barley Hub seminar

AUTHOR: Sarah Kendall -
TAGS: Cereal YEN

Sarah Kendall, Crop Physiologist at ADAS joined an International Barley Hub (… more

YEN Dynamic Benchmarking ready for testing

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -
TAGS: Dynamic Benchmarking, YEN Nutrition, Farm-PEP info

We've now come to the end of our six month Innovate UK project to develop better data exchange and 'Dynamic Benchmarking' for the YEN family.… more