Cereal and oilseed high achievers honoured at this year’s Yield Enhancement Awards at Croptec

TAGS: Cereal YEN, Oilseed YEN

Despite an average growing year for most crops, many growers managed to go above and beyond their predicted max yields, with Lincolnshire grower… more

Deriving Crop Metrics from Satellite data

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -
TAGS: Cereal YEN, Farm-PEP info, Dynamic Benchmarking

In the YENs we have long seen the potential value from using satellite derived Earth Observation data to get useful information to monitor and… more

Success for Farm-PEP with Defra Farming Innovation Pathways funding

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -
TAGS: Farm-PEP info, Agronomics, Dynamic Benchmarking, Cereal YEN

We are really pleased to announce that we've been successful in the… more

Great Lakes YEN

AUTHOR: Roger Sylvester-Bradley -

We are pleased to report that, following a presentation by Ruth Wade and Roger Sylvester-Bradley in 2020 to the SouthWest Agricultural Conference… more

Farm-PEP Survey

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -
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We have designed a survey to try to get views on what we should prioritise in developing Farm-PEP. 

You can complete the survey … more

Farm-PEP - Revised Wireframes

AUTHOR: Oliver Sylvester-Bradley -
TAGS: Farm-PEP info

We are really excited to share a first set of Wire Frames for the revised Farm-PEP concept in the links below.

Please ignore the content… more