YEN Zero brings growers together to calculate, compare and cut crop carbon emissions

Christina Baxter

To assist growers at the start of their carbon reduction journey, crop carbon benchmarking network YEN Zero is back and open to all for 2022/2023. YEN Zero, established in 2021, brings growers together to uncover how to continue to cultivate productive crops whilst lowering their farm’s overall carbon footprint.

With an initial focus on combinable and forage crops, the network allows growers to calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their crop production. Each grower is then benchmarked against other farms entered into the network so a fair and accurate picture can be drawn of how well they are performing.

The network is building a valuable dataset of crop GHG emissions across the UK, allowing researchers to identify how and why emissions vary between fields and farms. On the back of knowing their emission calculations, growers will be offered bespoke mitigation strategies that have the most potential to reduce their on-farm emissions.

Participants can also be part of the network’s discussion workshops to gain and share knowledge regarding agricultural net-zero issues. Previous workshops have included discussion around the science and uncertainties of soil carbon sequestration; and what mitigation strategies can be used on-farm to reduce crop C footprints, based on the GHG emissions reported within the network.

Christina Baxter, YEN Zero manager explained

It’s of great value to growers and members of the industry to understand fully how to best address emissions from crop production. Each grower and system is different, making it essential to understand the close link between different management systems and their associated emissions. Understanding the source of individual greenhouse gas emissions and benchmarking this data to find out what reduction solutions will truly work for them is vital if we are to meet net zero targets whilst continuing to feed the nation.

YEN Zero is now accepting independent growers, as well as growers who wish to be supported by our network sponsors. Register your interest via

YEN Zero is supported and steered by a number of organisations from across the agriculture industry who’s input into the network is invaluable, YEN Zero would not exist without them.

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