Oilseed YEN

Scottish farmer David Fuller-Shapcott wins bronze for oilseed rape - YEN 2019

Best Field Yield 2019: Bronze Award

Sponsor: BASF

Richard Budd breaking records for oilseed yield - YEN 2019

Best Field Yield 2019: Gold Award

Sponsor: Independent

Grower sets new OSR record of 7.2t/ha in yield competition

Pete Berry, head of crop physiology at ADAS, discusses the tremendous achievement by top three oilseed entrants to the Yield Enhancement Networks annual awards event.  All three top oilseed rape…

Farmers are key to their own success at this year's YEN Awards

The annual awards meeting of the Yield Enhancement Network – or ‘YEN’ – held at Eastwood Hall near Nottingham on Tuesday 19th November was fuller than ever and debated more…

Cereal and Oilseed YEN 2020 Registration closes

15 June 2020 is the deadline to register for the Cereal or Oilseed YEN networks for 2020

The value of YEN data - Richard Wainright, Bank Top Farm

The data you receive as a YEN member means you understand the constraints to your crop growth. There are some constraints you may not be able to do much about but others are really helpful to know…

Why I joined the YEN - Richard Wainright, Bank Top Farm

Richard Wainright farms a 510ha farm in North Yorkshire and joined the Oilseed YEN two years ago. He joined to get more from his yield and has found the detailed data extremely beneficial in…

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How two top oilseed rape growers achieve high yields

Two leading Scottish Borders Oilseed YEN growers’ focus on crop establishment and nutrition has led them to push their average farm yields towards the 5t/ha barrier.  David Fuller manages 650ha of…

Cereal and Oilseed Yield Enhancement Network Awards 2019

Our seventh annual awards event aims to celebrate agricultural organisations and farmers who are striving to improve crop yields, embrace innovation and share ideas.