Cereal YEN

Cereal YEN 2021 - Example Oats Report

Cereal YEN 2021 - Example Oats Report

Cereal YEN 2021 - Example Spring Barley Report

Cereal YEN 2021 - Example Spring Barley Report

Guide for First-Time Remo Attendees

Guide for First-Time Remo Attendees

Cereal and oilseed high achievers honoured at this year’s Yield Enhancement Awards at Croptec

Despite an average growing year for most crops, many growers managed to go above and beyond their predicted max yields, with Lincolnshire grower Tim Lamyman taking the top spots for his wheat…

Cereal YEN Technical webinar

Exclusive to YEN members, this webinar will go through the learnings from YEN in 2021 and from the past 8 years, giving entrants the chance to go through and share the findings from your Report…

Deriving Crop Metrics from Satellite data

In the YENs we have long seen the potential value from using satellite derived Earth Observation data to get useful information to monitor and compare crops. We have involved the YEN in several…

Success for Farm-PEP with Defra Farming Innovation Pathways funding

We are really pleased to announce that we've been successful in the Defra & UKRI Farming…

YEN Awards 2021

The YEN Awards at The CropTec Show

24th November 2021

For only the second time ever, the Cereal and Oilseed Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) Awards are open to…

YEN and grain analysis explained in Yara's podcast

Listen to Ken Rundle interview me about how YEN began ... and how YEN Nutrition works ... and why I refuse to retire! .. here https://www.yara.co.uk/crop-nutrition/agronomy-advice/podcasts/   

Wheat Yield Prospects for 2021

Whilst harvest of barley and oilseed rape has now started on many farms, it is up to three weeks later than was seen last year, which whilst frustrating, should be good for yield…