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Why I joined the YEN - David Passmore, Mays Farm

David Passmore is a mixed farmer from Oxfordshire who joined the YEN in 2018. David joined to develop his business and to meet and learn from others. The data collected throughout the year has…

The benefits of being a YEN member - David Passmore, Mays Farm

David Passmore from Mays Farm in Oxfordshire explains the benefits of being a member of the YEN.

Milling Wheat Conference 2020

The AHDB Milling Wheat Conference recognises innovation and excellence in milling wheat production and brings together the supply chain to ensure quality throughout production, from variety to…

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Cereal and Oilseed Yield Enhancement Network Awards 2019

Our seventh annual awards event aims to celebrate agricultural organisations and farmers who are striving to improve crop yields, embrace innovation and share ideas.

Guide to Farmers' Crop Trials

ADAS believes that by working together with other farmers, suppliers, agronomists and scientists, farmers can use their own trials to bring fast learning, new findings and best practice for…