The Pea YEN was established in 2016 with support from PGRO and 15 commercial sponsors. Pea YEN has sought to understand the variation in combining pea yields between fields, farms and seasons, with a focus on measurements rather than competition. It is open to all interested parties, with all crops entered receiving a comprehensive report, detailing how their crop performed compared to other crops in the YEN.

The first six years of the Pea YEN have been supported by independent pea agronomist Keith Costello sharing his knowledge, taking in-season measures and samples to produce a practical protocol for growers and agronomists specific for peas.

All members will receive a comprehensive report, newsletters and are invited to discuss results, experiences and ideas at the Results Conference.

Annual membership

Membership is open, and available to anyone; farmers, agronomists, and researchers. Please note that the Pea YEN is currently available for combining pea crops only.

Membership includes:

  • One entrance into the annual YEN benchmarking network (Members can enter multiple fields; additional charges apply) 
  • One free NRM Soil analysis (Details and restrictions to be confirmed)
  • A comprehensive report on your crop’s performance
  • One ticket to the Annual YEN Conference and a +1 for an entry supporter (agronomist or institutional supporter)
  • PGRO Foot rot risk*
  • Lancrop leaf tissue and seed nutrition*
  • Askew and Barrett Ltd grain sample market quality assessment *
  • Further analysis as confirmed*

*Analysis may be subject to limitations on crop development stage, date, or availability. Please note that some analysis may not be available to non-UK entrants (enquire via email at for more information).

Membership Fees

  • Individual YEN Membership is £260 + VAT.
  • Entries sponsored by official YEN 2021 sponsors is £260 + VAT
  • Entries sponsored by other organisations is £400 +VAT

For those interested in taking part in the Pea YEN in 2022, for an idea of the sampling and data collection process involved please see the latest version of the Pea YEN 2021 protocol. Please note that the protocol is subject to change.


Corporate Sponsors support the network to maintain its core activities.  Their vital role is recognised in all YEN publicity, media items, conference presentations, and on this website.

Sponsors have a key role in steering the evolution of the network and its activities.  They have access to network information, intelligence and discussions to support their own yield enhancement initiatives.

Sponsors can also make multiple competition entries and have multiple attendance at the annual YEN conference. A few sponsors will also contribute some or all of individual farmers membership fees. For more information, please see the Pea YEN sponsorship enquiry page.

Key Dates
Pea YEN Annual Conference - TBC
Deadline for free soil analysis
Competition entry deadline


ADAS & Lancrop laboratories are pleased to announce leaf tissue analyses will again be available for free for YEN crops

ADAS & Lancrop laboratories are pleased to announce leaf tissue analyses will again be available for free for YEN crops

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