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To register for the Linseed YEN, please complete the registration form below.

An auto-confirmation email acknowleding your entry registration will be sent. If this email is not received, please check your SPAM/JUNK folder.

If you are interested in your entry being sponsored, please go to the Oilseed YEN sponsorship enquiry page.

Competition Registration

STEP 1: Complete Registration Form

  • If you are being sponsored, please ask your sponsor to complete this form. If you are supporting your own entry, please complete this form yourself.
  • Here you can provide information about the entry and organise payment.
  • You will be assigned an entry ID number which can be used to complete the required forms.

STEP 2: Complete Field and Input Details

Please sign in to our data entry portal to share crop and field data for your Linseed YEN entry -

All data will be managed in line with the YEN Data Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to enter the Linseed YEN?

For individual farmers, it costs £150 (Excl VAT) per field entered into Linseed YEN competitions. If your entry is supported by someone other than an official YEN sponsor, it costs £200 (Excl. VAT) per field entry. This includes two places at the YEN Awards Conference.

Entries from outside the UK costs £200.

Who pays for YEN?

There are three options for payment:

  1. Sponsored entry – Official YEN Sponsors support your entry. You must agree sponsorship prior to registering your entry
  2. Supported entry – Other industry parties may wish to pay for entry into the competition. You must agree support prior to registering your entry.
  3. Independent entry – Paid for by the entrant, usually farmer. The entry fee will need to be paid in full prior to registration being confirmed

Do I have to enter a whole field?

You can enter whole fields, or part of fields. You can also enter multiple entries e.g. for different fields or for different parts of the same field. For instance you may like to undertake an experiment by varying your approach. To be eligible for awards, entries must be at least 2ha.

Can I enter more than one field?

You can enter as many fields as you like into any or all of the Yield Enhancement Networks.

Can I enter trials into YEN?

Trials can be entered into YEN, and these are separated into their own category for awards. Please contact us before submitting trials entries as we may require additional information.

Is all the information requested mandatory?

Some of the data requested is mandatory in order to have a valid entry. In these cases you will not be able to register the entry without providing the information. Provision of additional non-mandatory data will enable us to provide a more detailed analysis in your final report.