Potato YEN

New for 2020, The Yield Enhancement Network, in collaboration with NIAB CUF will be introducing Potato YEN.

Yields vary substantially between potato crops, along with the percentage of yield meeting the desired specification. There is a large gap between the biological potential yield and what is currently achieved in the field.  The solution to understanding a crop starts with measuring and benchmarking.

Crops will be split into 3 categories - fresh, processing, and crisping to adjust for variation in the targeted market.

To ensure competitors are judged fairly, yield will be converted to a dry matter weight (t/ha) as well as expressed as a percentage of yield potential.

Annual Potato YEN Membership

To register your interest, please contact PotatoYEN@NIAB.com

Membership includes:

  • Retrospective report on canopy cover vs the variety reference crop
  • Estimation to potential yield on a field scale
  • A comprehensive report on your crops' performance

Membership Fees

Please get in contact via PotatoYEN@NIAB.com to discuss to better cater for those interested.


Corporate sponsors, to enter teams of growers which can directly compare results. Results outside the teams are anonymised and aggregated to protect commercially sensitive information.

Corporate sponsors support the network to maintain its core activities.  Their vital role is recognised in all YEN publicity, media items, conference presentations, and on this website.

Sponsors and funders