Potato YEN

Yields vary substantially between potato crops, along with the percentage of yield meeting the desired specification. There is a large gap between the biological potential yield and what is currently achieved in the field.  The solution to understanding a crop starts with measuring and benchmarking.

In 2020 we ran a pilot Potato YEN with NIAB, supported by WRAP and AHDB.

We had entries from around 20 crops with test-dig yields ranging from 42 to 77 t/ha fresh, 9.3 to 13.4 t/ha dry yield.

Entrants received a comprehensive report comparing their crop, including NIAB's canopy cover from satellite imagery with estimation of potential yield, as well as grading and dry matter determination of potato samples by NIAB.



We are now seeking sponsorship to continue Potato YEN into the future. If you are interested please contact yen@adas.co.uk

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