Sponsored places still available for Oilseed YEN 2022!

Sarah Kendall

Looking to understand your Oilseed Rape crop’s performance in detail? – there is still time to enter Oilseed YEN for 2022 and make the most of joining up with other like-minded growers. 

Many OSR crops across the country are looking full of potential as they move into full flower, with fields of yellow dotted across the countryside. Joining Oilseed YEN enables growers to benchmark their crop against other crops across the country (and in Europe too!), to understand performance in detail, for more than 70 different metrics.

A comprehensive crop specific report provides an informed understanding about yield limitations of the crop. By joining Oilseed YEN, growers are provided with a framework that helps facilitate a ‘measure to manage’ approach, with knowledge gained helping to instigate change or test new ideas in the future.

There are still sponsored entries available for this season – you can register your interest in a sponsored place here and the ADAS YEN team will match you up with a relevant sponsor. We also have sponsored places still available for peas and beans