YEN Dynamic Benchmarking

See your data from previous YEN's back to 2013 here and compare your entries to the wider YEN dataset based on the Region, Soil type, Crop and year of your choosing. 

First, select your entries from the list below - just click on them. Then choose what crop type, region, soil type and/or year you would like to compare your data against by filterinng, or leave blank to compare against all data. And push 'Get Data'. 

You will see 5 benchmarking charts for Yield, Grain N%, Grain P%, Grain Mg% and Grain Mn mg/kg. The box and whiskers in the background shows the range in the filtered data, the median value is the middle line and the box represents 50% of the data. You can toggle fields on and off and select different filters as you wish.

If there is less than 10 datapoints in the filters then the benchmark data will not show, to protect entrants anonymity.

We hope you enjoy using the Dynamic Benchmarking tool to explore the YEN dataset


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Your benchmarking results for the selected variables