LG Seeds

LG Seeds is a brand of Limagrain - the UK’s leading plant breeder and seed producer, introducing varieties and seeds with improved performance for crops, from wheat and barley, to maize. From forage crops to amenity grasses and ley mixtures, and from sugar beet and oilseed crops to vining peas and pulses.

Limagrain is a fast-growing farmer-owned international co-operative group, specialising in both agricultural and horticultural seeds, and in cereal products. It is the fourth largest breeder and seeds marketing company in the world.

Why we sponsor YEN

Limagrain has been a keen sponsor of the YEN Programme from its introduction. It continues to support both ADAS and growers within YEN to develop and initiate variety knowledge for achieving maximum yield potential, from the Limagrain genetic portfolio.

Limagrain considers working together in a partnership with both academics and growers as very important, in order to learn how to improve crop yields and furthermore, adopt new ideas and farming technologies which can be tested within the scheme.

Enquire about YEN sponsorship

To enquire about sponsorship to enter YEN, contact Ron Granger at ron.granger@limagrain.co.uk or call 07702 961 384