Ilex Envirosciences

Company Profile:

Ilex Envirosciences are pioneers in the use of phosphite technology and plant biostimulant activators to enhance nutrient-use-efficiency in foliar nutrients and seed treatments. Using the latest developments in plant science, our product development is ongoing to respond to the challenges and pressures faced by modern farming.

Since 2004 we have been helping to improve nutrient use efficiency, boost crop yield and quality and lessen environmental impacts.

All our staff are BASIS and FACTS qualified and work with many independent agronomists, farmers and growers to help them deliver improved results year after year.


Why we sponsor YEN:

Ilex EnviroSciences has always been a customer focussed company; we work closely with farmers and growers to continually innovate and improve our range of crop nutrition products. 

Our sponsorship of YEN in 2022 will provide further support to the effectiveness of our products and allows us to use this recognised and well-respected platform to share our findings with those who match our vision of maximising efficient and sustainable food production.