Farm-PEP - Revised Wireframes

Oliver Sylvester-Bradley

We are really excited to share a first set of Wire Frames for the revised Farm-PEP concept in the links below.

Please ignore the content in these - its nonsense. Also ignore the branding.  There is still a lot we need to work up, like the Person Page, Partner Page and what the Users dashboard would look like - But we are keen to know if the structure and layout for the Landing Page, Topic Page and project Page works for you, and if it is obvious what the purpose and functionality of PEP will be.

Let us know what you think in the comments box below (login to view) 

Wireframe for Landing Page

Wireframe for Topic Page

Wireframe for Page


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I think we could make it more obvious that the User can Post their own content - so perhaps instead of 'Login' in Top Menu it should say 'Post'?