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Digital reset

Covid19 has necessitated a rapid shift to digital communications by all individuals and organisations in agriculture. This opens a huge new prospect of open and accessible communication, conversation, networking, and engagement which could transform rates of progress in agriculture.

Initial Project

Under the funding call 'UKRI Ideas to address Covid-19' Innovate UK is supporting an ADAS-led consortium to assess the impact of Covid-19 on knowledge exchange in agriculture, and to develop the Farm-PEP web solution. The Farm-PEP project began in January 2021 and runs to February 2022.


Innovate UK

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Impact of Covid on Knowledge Exchange

The University of Gloucester’s Countryside & Community Research Institute (CCRI) in the first five months of 2021 led a rapid appraisal of the impact of Covid19 on knowledge exchange in agriculture, using workshops, surveys, and interviews across the industry.  The summary report is available here with full details here.  This work was used to define the challenge statement below.

The Challenge

COVID-19 has changed knowledge exchange with a significant increase in the adoption of digital tools. While online delivery offers scale and convenience, farmers and KE practitioners can be overwhelmed by content volume, fail to translate information into useful knowledge, and suffer from online fatigue. They would like to be able to...

  • Ensure information is authentic and reliable
  • Filter out the noise and find what they want easily
  • Choose from a variety of delivery and learning approaches
  • Collaborate and interact effectively
  • Engage at a level that recognises their digital skills and abilities
  • Receive coaching and guidance for effective online delivery
  • Work synergistically with face-to-face delivery that robust information can be translated into practice change at scale, to enable the UK agriculture sector to realise increased productivity and profitability in a sustainable way

Co-designing Farm-PEP

We are now starting the process of co-designing Farm-PEP, aiming to connect people and projects, integrate tools and initiatives, and provide an online community space for knowledge sharing. It will be open to all to share & discuss activities, ideas, and findings, to develop collaborations, coordinate testing on-farm, and distill robust messages.

We are making our ideas available for comment below, and seeking feedback at each stage as we develop. To get involved, join the YEN website so you can join the discussion. Or get in touch with


Posts setting out thoughts for Farm-PEP:

  1. (Origins - a blog from >2 years ago)
  2. Setting out the Ethos for the PEP community
  3. Initial Ideas
  4. 1st Concept Wireframes
  5. Important Stakeholders
  6. Managing Content (first thoughts)
  7. Possible Business Models
  8. Key Questions
  9. Insights from User Workshop
  10. Plans
  11. Motivations of Users
  12. Revised Ideas for Content & Structure
  13. Latest Summary
  14. Revised Wireframes





Farm-PEP - Possible Business Models

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -

Our aim in Farm-PEP is to support farm-centric knowledge generation and sharing, and connect the industry.

There will be no point creating Farm-PEP if it can't be viably sustained into the… more

Farm-PEP - Key Questions

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -

The questions below have come up from discussions with stakeholders and from questioning ourselves. We don't necessarily have the answers - so any help would be appreciated!  If you have more… more

Farm-PEP - Managing Content

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -

[Note - this post contains our initial ideas for Farm-PEP content - for our revised thoughts see here]… more

Farm-PEP - Important Stakeholders

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -

For Farm-PEP to be successful it will need the support and engagement of all the major knowledge exchange organisations in agriculture. Our challenge for Farm-PEP is to find the niche where… more