YEN Wheat Quality Contest

The YEN Wheat Quality contest is to promote an understanding of how to produce high yielding wheat which is also of high quality. nabim has sponsored the competition since 2017 with all YEN field entries of nabim Group 1 varieties being considered.

About a dozen of all the Group 1 entries are shortlisted, depending on their protein yield, and whether their specific weight, Hagberg falling number and screenings are satisfactory. 

The shortlisted entries are then milled by nabim partner laboratories and compared for flour protein quality and, after baking, loaf size and quality. Awards are presented to the winners at the annual AHDB Milling Wheat Conference.

The dataset arising from the competition is made available to all YEN sponsors, supporters and entrants, so all YEN participants can learn how high yields of high-quality grain have been produced. As the competition progresses from year to year, the dataset describing grain quality is growing, providing ever deeper confidence in grain quality determinants for all YEN participants.

Key Dates
AHDB Milling Wheat Conference

Sponsors and funders