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The Yield Enhancement Network – or YEN – connects agricultural organisations, and farmers who are striving to improve crop yields.

It is open to any interested individual or organisation - commercial, academic or other.

The YEN exists to help any member from the UK, Europe or beyond to close the gap between current yields and potential yields.

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Benefits for Members

Comprehensive personal report on your natural resources, crop growth and any apparent yield constraints

Free soil health check and free grain analysis,
for cereal and oilseed members.

Technical sessions on yields with leading crop experts along with newsletters, monthly actions and networking sessions

Benchmark your yield on 60+ factors against other network members


Biostimulants – Much still to learn

AUTHOR: Lucy de la Pasture (CPM) -
TAGS: YEN Yield Testing

The end of year report for amino acid biostimulants reads ‘could do better’. CPM finds out where the independent evidence suggests we’ve got to on… more

Grain testing project aims to improve crop nutrition

AUTHOR: Richard Allison (Farmers Weekly) -
TAGS: YEN Nutrition

Farmers and agronomists could soon benefit from a new Adas initiative aimed at improving crop nutrition, by testing grain and benchmarking results… more

YEN adds ‘Spring Cereal’ category for 2020 in response to a challenging season

AUTHOR: Sarah Kendall -
TAGS: Cereal YEN

The wet weather experienced by many growers across the UK has led to reduced drilled areas of winter cereals, difficult conditions for… more

Scottish farmer David Fuller-Shapcott wins bronze for oilseed rape - YEN 2019

AUTHOR: Leslie Berger -
TAGS: Oilseed YEN

Best Field Yield 2019: Bronze Award

Sponsor… more