Corporate Sponsors support the network to maintain its activities.  For this, their important role is recognised as often as possible in all YEN publicity, media items, conference presentations, and on this website. 

Corporate sponsors have a key role in steering the evolution of the network and its activities.  They have access to network information, intelligence and discussions to support their own yield enhancement initiatives. 

Corporate members can also make multiple competition entries, and have multiple attendance at the annual YEN conference.  For details contact:

Cereal YEN Sponsors





ADAMA supplies efficient solutions to farmers across the full farming value-chain, including crop protection, novel agricultural technologies, and complementary non-crop businesses.In 2013, the Company ranked seventh in the world in the overall agrochemicals industry. ADAMA is characterised by its farmer-centric approach to product development, and strict standards of environmental protection and quality control.

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ADAS [Project leader]

ADAS is the UK’s largest independent provider of environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice.

ADAS consultants have a unique combination of insight and practical experience, underpinned by robust, informed, science-based information. As a result, we have a hard earned reputation for the delivery of solutions that benefit the environment and improve client performance.

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Agrimetrics is the first of four independent, not-for-profit 'Agri-Tech' Centres. It provides expertise and capabilities in data science, smart analytics, bioinformatics, translational research and knowledge exchange in crops, livestock and food, and sustainability.

Agrimetrics' mision is to empower the agri-food system to embrace big data and related technology, when confronting sustainable intensification challenges.

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AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds

AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds is a division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), a statutory levy board, funded by farmers, growers and others in the supply chain and managed independently of both commercial industry and of Government.

Its purpose is to make agriculture and horticulture industries more competitive and sustainable through factual, evidence-based advice, information and activity.

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AgSpace was formed in 2013 in response to the technological leaps being made in the agricultural industry.

AgSpace own and manage the most powerful precision farming software available in the form of an easy-to-use Toolbox managed by farmers or researchers from their tablets or laptops.

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BASF’s Crop Protection division is a leading innovator that supports growers to optimise agricultural production, improve their business efficiency and enhance the quality of life for a growing world population.

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Bayer CropScience is one of the world’s leading innovative crop science companies in the areas of seeds, crop protection and non-agricultural pest control.

The company offers an outstanding range of products including high value seeds, innovative crop protection solutions based on chemical and biological modes of action as well as an extensive service backup for modern, sustainable agriculture.

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Iteris ClearAg

Scalable, flexible, reliable global weather, soil and crop health insights. 

Access state-of-the-science, standardized location-specific data anywhere on the globe. Maximize the value of your company's applications and internally developed models with premium content. Improve results with high-quality data access for nearly every critical parameter within a growing operation. 

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Hutchinsons objective is to provide the highest standards of independent agronomic advice to farmers and growers, together with the efficient supply of a complete range of agronomic inputs.

Hutchinsons agronomists are involved in the management of more than 800,000 hectares of agricultural and horticultural crops; with a range of soil types, cropping and environmental objectives. This ensures that our decision-making and subsequent advice is based upon the widest understanding of local factors and conditions.

To maintain this position it requires Hutchinsons to put considerable investment in to research and knowledge transfer, training and the development of our most valuable resource; our people. Participating in Yen will further enhance our knowledge and ability to support our customers with the latest knowledge to maximise crop production.

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Limagrain UK

Limagrain UK is the local agricultural seeds operating company of Group Limagrain the largest plant breeder and seed development company in Europe. We breed and market agricultural seeds and amenity grass seeds for the UK market under the established brand LG.

Offering the UK’s strongest and widest offer of agricultural and amenity seeds Limagrain has extensive portfolios of varieties and seeds in cereals, oilseeds, beans and peas (including vining peas), sugar beet, seed potatoes, maize, agricultural and amenity grasses and fodder crop seeds. These products are available widely from seed merchants operating throughout the UK and Europe.

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Nabim has three principle functions; to promotoe the flour milling industry's views to government, parliamentarians, regulators, the media and toher interested bodies; to improve the understanding of the operational requirements of the flour milling sector; and the provide information and advice to its members on a wide range of subjects affecting flour milling.

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The NFU is in a unique position to set the agenda and deliver a vision of arable farming that farmers, customers and suppliers, the government and the public could all work towards. Our vision marks arable farmers' desire for recognition about the positive contributions they make to the country's future. Farmers are pivotal to society in gaining sustainable products from our land resources because they manage and safeguard what comes out of the British landscape: food, energy, renewable materials, clean water, and diverse habitats.

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NIAB is a pioneering plant science organisation based at the heart of the Cambridge science, technology and university communities and a thriving UK agricultural industry. With over 90 years experience in the agricultural and food sectors, NIAB has an internationally recognised reputation for independence, innovation and integrity. Our traditional activities have always focused on science-led plant variety and seeds characterisation, evaluation, quality control and knowledge transfer.

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With over 40 years experience, NRM Laboratories is one of the UK’s most innovative and experienced independent analytical businesses. The company is based near Bracknell, Berkshire and has a specialist soil testing facility in East Anglia but it operates throughout the UK and Europe. NRM has an extensive, highly accredited analytical testing capability, including 500 different analytical suites and provides a fast, high quality, specialist testing service, including physical, chemical, spectroscopic and microbiological analysis. Our customer base is in the agricultural, horticultural, amenity, contaminated land and environmental sectors.

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Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted is the longest running agricultural research station in the world, providing cutting-edge science and innovation for over 170 years. Our mission is to deliver the knowledge and new practices to increase crop productivity and quality and to develop environmentally sustainable solutions for food and energy production. Our scientific strategy uses a dynamic and integrated approach to crop science, allowing us to study plants from within (e.g. at a molecular level) as well as their interactions with the environment (e.g. with air, soil, water etc.). This strategy is delivered through four interdependent themes: 20:20 Wheat; Designing Seeds for Health and Nutrition; Cropping Carbon and Sustainable Systems.

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Syngenta AG is a large global Swiss specialized chemicals company which markets seeds and pesticides. Syngenta is involved in biotechnology and genomic research.

The company ranks third in total sales in the commercial agricultural seeds market. Sales in 2010 were approximately US$ 11.6 billion. Syngenta employs over 26,000 people in over 90 countries.

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Yara delivers solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment. Our fertilizers and crop nutrition programs help produce the food required for the growing world population.

Our industrial products and solutions reduce emissions, improve air quality and support safe and efficient operations. Founded in Norway in 1905, Yara has a worldwide presence with sales to 150 countries. Safety is always our top priority.

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