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  Open Membership


Open membership is available to anyone - companies, agronomists, farmers or groups of farmers.
Open Membership includes:

 Entrance into the Cereal YEN competition.  

  Awards for three best yields and the three with the highest percentage of potential yield.  

Access to the YEN members area on the YEN website. 
Including discussion forum for sharing ideas for YEN enhancement and new research. 

Attendance to the Cereal YEN conference. 
Meet with other competitors and industry figures, hear competition results and share ideas.

A free ' soil health check' provided by NRM.  
  As well as soil texture and organic matter content this allows us to more accurately predict your
  soils water holding capacity. 

A site specific report.
Detailing: soil information and water holding capacity, potential yield for the season, verified
  actual yield and analysis of how the yield metrics relate to other YEN crops, and benchmarks 
(from the AHDB Wheat Growth Guide).

Commentary on how the crop performed. 
Explaining yield achieved, noting anything exceptional and suggesting how yield may be improved. 

The annual fee for Open Cereal YEN Membership is £250 + VAT.  


If you are intersted in having your YEN Membership supported by one of the YEN Sponsors, please contact








Corporate Sponsors and Collaborators




Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors support the network to maintain its activities, and often make multiple entries into the YEN competitions.  

You may be able to arrange sponsored membership, including entry into the competition, by contacting existing YEN Corporate Sponsors.


Cereal YEN Sponsors


Collaborators are usually research or technology organisations that can provide technical expertise or scientific capability that enables or

improves the functioning of the YEN.  Collaborators may enter the yield competition if they wish.  

If you are interested in becoming a YEN Sponsor, or in collaborating with the YEN, please contact









Cereal YEN Competition Rules


A complete rule booklet is provide in the Competition Entry Pack, but is also available on our Rules and Protocols page.
A summary of the key rules are provided below.


1. Crops can be grown anywhere in the British Isles, or further afield if appropriate long-term and current weather data are available. 

2. The competition is open to any cereal crop - wheat, barley, oats, triticale or even grain maize, and there is a separate competition for oilseed rape. 

3. As an entrant, how you manage your crop is up to you; the aim is to break records so you will probably need to think differently, create new conditions, use new techniques, novel inputs, free the crop from constraints.

4. There are separate categories for fields and research plots.  Field entries may be whole fields or sub-fields, but most cover a minimum area of 2 ha or more (8 ha qualifies for submission to the Guinness Book of Records).  Trial entries must be averaged from at least 3 plots covering a minimum area of 50 m².

5. There is no limit on the number of entries per site, or the number of sites per member, though additional competition fees may applied.

6. After registration, entrants will receive an estimate of potential grain yield, based on average weather and soil information from their site.  After harvest their actual verified yield will be compared with the seasonal yield potential, based on actual weather data.  Proformas for site registration and site and crop descriptions can be downloaded from the member's area. 


Awards: Gold, Silver & Bronze awards will be made for both maximum grain yield and maximum percent of seasonal potential yield.

Annual Conference: All competitors are invited to an autumn conference where the results will be announced.  Results will be presented to inspire and prioritise ideas for further innovation and research. 







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