The YEN Yield Testing Project is funded by the EIP-Agri (through DEFRA) until 2020.

The project supports YEN entrants in testing their ideas for yield enhancement.

Ideas being testing in 2018 are:

  1. ​Potash responses on heavy clays

  2. Value of amino acids

  3. Prolonging canopy life during grain filling​



If you have ideas for testing in 2019, bring them to the YEN Ideas Lab at Newark Showground on Monday 18th June 2018. 

To register for the YEN Ideas Lab, please visit the event page

To maximise confidence in results of yield testing, we suggest you plan to:

  • Test your idea on several farms
  • Align treatments across in field soil variation
  • Create a tidy yield map, by careful harvest
  • Get spatial analysis of the yield map (by ADAS Agronomics).


For further enqueries, please contact




Project Funding


This project is funded by the EIP-Agri, which works to foster competitive and sustainable farming and forestry that 'achieves more and better from less' across Europe.

EIP-Agri Project Page



All participants within the projects are members of the Yield Enhancement Network. 

All fields entered into the YEN Yield Testing programme are also entered into the YEN competition. 

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