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The essential idea behind the YEN is that to understand yields, you should regard your crops as converters of solar energy into edible energy, while using water as efficiently as possible. As such, crop performance needs to be analysed accordingly. Following the success of Cereal YEN, and the new Oilseed YEN, other crops are now being introduced to the YEN family. 

In 2016 and 2017, ADAS managed a pilot Pea YEN, with industry wide involvement. The initial aim was to test the scope for an ongoing YEN designed to identify solutions for the current challenges in the pea growing sector. This is currently being repeated in 2018. If you are interested in signing up as either a grower or supporter for 2018 Pea YEN, please contact



Pea yield potential


The biophysical potential of pea crops is set by incident light energy, rainfall and soil water storage.

In most regions of the UK, pea crops are capable of yielding around 11.5 tonnes per hectare, according to yield potential modelling. 

Leading farms and research trials for peas can achieve in excess of 6 tonnes per hectare, however, the average commercial farm produces just under 4 tonnes per hectare, with little increase in over 10 years.

There is a clear yield gap, as observed in other crops, and new techniques are needed to increase current best yields.





PEA YEN Sponsors


Corporate Sponsors support the network to maintain its activities.  For this, their important role is recognised as often as possible in all YEN publicity, media items, conference presentations, and on this website. 

Corporate sponsors have a key role in steering the evolution of the network and its activities.  They have access to network information, intelligence and discussions to support their own yield enhancement initiatives. 

Corporate members can also make multiple competition entries, and have multiple attendance at the annual YEN conference.  For details contact:

Tissue sampling kindly carried out by Yara Analytical Services, and NRM are kindly providing soil testing. 




ADAS [Project leader]

ADAS is the UK’s largest independent provider of environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice.

ADAS consultants have a unique combination of insight and practical experience, underpinned by robust, informed, science-based information. As a result, we have a hard earned reputation for the delivery of solutions that benefit the environment and improve client performance.

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As a leading provider of agronomic services, technology and strategic advice, Agrii combines excellence and innovation with the latest research and development to ensure our customers can meet today's farming challenges with knowledge and confidence. 

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Agrovista have long been established as a leading supplier of agronomy advice, seed, crop protection products and precision farming services. With the most comprehensive integrated arable trials programme, they provide evidence-based advice to customers across the UK. 

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BASF's Crop Protection division is a leading innovator that supports growers to optimise agricutural production, improve their business efficiency and enhance the quality of life for a growing world population. 

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Dalmark Group

Dalton Seeds and Dalmark Grain are two strong independent businesses based in Eye, near Peterborough. Dalton Seeds specialises in providing a full range of agricultural seeds, offering quality and service second to none. Dalmark Grain is a regional grain merchanting business trading all combinable crops to markets both home and abroad. 

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Dunns is one of the largest pulse and agricultural seed processors in the UK with two seperate sides to the business. They are a major UK agricultural seed wholesale company and producer of specialist premium quality pulse products for worldwide human consumption markets. 

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Frontier Agriculture, Camgrain's marketing partner, is the UK's leading crop production and grain marketing business. Frontier is recognised for its close customer relationships with farmers and grain consumers and its successful management of the arable supply chain. 

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Hutchinsons objective is to provide the highest standards of independent agronomic advice to farmers and growers, together with the efficient supply of a complete range of agronomic inputs.  To maintain this position it requires Hutchinsons to put considerable investment in to research and knowledge transfer, training and the development of our most valuable resource; our people. Participating in Yen will further enhance our knowledge and ability to support our customers with the latest knowledge to maximise crop production.

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John Innes Centre

The John Innes Centre is an independent, international centre of excellence in plant science and microbiology. Their mission is:

To generate knowledge of plants and microbes through innovative research.
To apply our knowledge of nature's diversity to benefit agriculture, the environment, human health and well-being.
To train scientists for the future.
To engage with policy makers and the public.

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With over 40 years experience, NRM Laboratories is one of the UK's most innovative and experienced independent analytical businesses. The company is based near Bracknell, Berkshire, and has a specialist soil testing facility in East Anglia but operates throughout the UK and Europe. NRM has a extensive, highly accredited analtical testing capability, including 500 different analytical suites and provides a fast, high quality, specialist testing service. 

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PGRO is a non statutory levy body which is the UK's centre of excellence for peas and beans. It has a long history and a well-earned reputation for stability and consistency - along with a track record of providing authoritative, up to date information and project work based on solid, reliable research. 

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Princes specialise in sourcing quality products and ingredient from around the world. They also procide food and drink products across their state-of-the-art production sites. 

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Syngenta AG is a large global Swiss specialized chemicals company which markets seeds and pesticides. Syngenta is involved in biotechnology and genomic research.

The company ranks third in total sales in the commercial agricultural seeds market. Sales in 2010 were approximately US$ 11.6 billion. Syngenta employs over 26,000 people in over 90 countries.

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Askew and Barrett

Here at Askew and Barrett we specialise in the cleaning of Pulses for Human consumption markets both at Home and Abroad. 

We are also buyers and contractors of a variety of Pulses including Marrowfat peas, Large and Small Blue peas, Yellow peas and Beans. 

Additional services we provide include contract cleaning and grading of all Pulses, and the Decorticating/Splitting of Peas and Beans. 

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Yara delivers solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment. Our fertilizers and crop nutrition programs help produce the food required for the growing world population.

Our industrial products and solutions reduce emissions, improve air quality and support safe and efficient operations. Founded in Norway in 1905, Yara has a worldwide presence with sales to 150 countries. Safety is always our top priority.

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