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  How a Wilshire grower is raising yields with attention to soil    Farmers Weekly, April 2019
  How a Danish oilseed rape grower won a top yield prize    Farmers Weekly, May 2019
  A YEN for success    Land Business Summer 2019 
  How two top oilseed rape growers achieve high yields    Farmers Weekly April 2019
  Talking Tilth - What makes a good farmer?    CPM May 2019
  Yield Enhancement Winner Bags Top of the Crops Quality Award   Farmers Guardian, March 2019
  Consistency is key at the AHDB Milling Wheat Conference    ADAS News, March 2019
  Inaugural meeting for Scottish YEN   Farmers Guardian, Jan 2019 
  Crop trials show way ahead for arable farm   The Courrier, Jan 2019 
  Keep OSR crops growing longer for high yields    Farmers Weekly, Novembert 2018
  Lincolnshire grower scoops top wheat and rapeseed yield awards   Farmers Weekly,  November, 2018
  Norfolk Ryvita grower defies Science with high yielding rye crop   Eastern Daily Press, 23 Nov 2018
  How to get more from your on-farm crop trials   Farmers Weekly, July 2018 
  Scope for Farmer Trials Widens    Farmers Guardian, May 2018 
  Give Oilseed Rape Leaves a Chance   Farmers Guardian, April 2018
  YEN - The Science of Yield Enhancement   CPM, April 2018
  Double Gold medals for Martin Smart   Svensk Frotidning (Sweden), April 2018
  Pushing yield boundaries back   NFU Article, March 2018
  YEN helps highlight path to better yield   Hutchinsons News, January 2018
             YEN helps highlight path to better yields   CPM, January 2018
  YEN trial highlights importance of micronutrients for OSR   Fram Farmers, December 2017
  Listen to Roger and Christina talk about the YEN winners and the importance of rooting on Syngenta's monthly podcast   Syngenta Podcast, December 2017
  Farm Focus: Enthusiasm for yield awards is infectious   Farmers Weekly, December 2017
  Lincs grower sees hat-trick in top wheat yield competition   Farmers Weekly, November 2017
  Wiltshire grower wins first oilseed rape award with near-record yield   Farmers Weekly, November 2017
  Top of the crops revealed 2017   Farmers Gaurdian, November 2017
  Closing the yield gap with big data   Agrimetrics News, August 2017
  A helping hand with yields   NFU, June 2017
  ADAS sees a new role for precision farmers in agricultural science   Future Cropping, June 2017
  Dereham Monitor Farm reveals the full range of farming ideas, from buried underpants to bio-stimulants   Eastern Daily Press, June 2017
  Listen to Roger Sylvester-Bradley talk about YEN on Syngenta's monthly podcast   Syngenta podcast, June 2017
  Plant tissue tests lead to bumper wheat yields in Scotland   Farmers Weekly, May 2017
  North East farmer looks to repeat YEN success   FG Insight, May 2017
  AgriChatUK ran a YEN discussion on Twitter - whole discussion here (Twitter account required)   Twitter, April 2017
  YEN Ideas lab - great minds discuss ideas   CPM online magazine, April 2017
  Crop Yields beyond 2012   ADAS News, March 2017
  ADAS Crop development report for AHB Cereals and Oilseeds   ADAS News, February 2017
  Canola contest leader's recipe for success   The Western Producter, January 2017
  Northern wheat growers come out on top in cereal yield competition   Farmers Weekly, November 2016
  Yield Enhancement Network - Out of the box thinking   CPM online magazine, October 2016
  Oilseed rape competition added to the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) for 2017   ADAS News, October 2016
  In 2015 Hutchinsons held a YEN workshop. Learn more about the experience of their farmers here.     YouTube video, April 2015
  New ideas bring record yields in 2014   ADAS News, November 2014












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