Grain Nutrition Benchmarking

Grain analysis has been under-utilised on UK farms so, through the YEN, ADAS is organising a new FREE YEN Grain Nutrition Benchmarking (GNB) survey, sponsored by AHDB & Yara, to explore the value of Grain Analysis for UK arable farms. The GNB survey is open to all farms who can provide field-specific samples of any cereal crop harvested in 2017, and (if we get insufficient samples) then from harvest 2018.

What you need to do

1. Work out how many samples you can provide; ideally two to six samples per farm, with a good contrast in growing conditions e.g. different soil, soil P Index, or yield.
     However, single samples are OK, and multiple samples may be possible.

2. Email, telling us the number of samples you can provide.

3. Fill in a form (which we will send) with farm & field details (e.g. soil Indices and yield)

4. Send grain samples to Yara, in the labelled bags which we will send you.

What you will get

In spring 2018, we will send you a one page report for each sample you enter, with the results for your sample compared with the other results from the survey.

We are most interested in grain P, but we will analyse for all essential nutrients (other than Molybdenum) i.e. N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Mn, Cu, Zn, Fe & B. An example (fictitious) report is shown over-leaf, but note your report will also include nitrogen.

For enquiries please contact

Or call Jane Stead at ADAS Gleadthorpe: 01623 848332

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