Bean YEN - New for 2019

The Bean YEN will enable interested bean growers to engage and benchmark their crops. PGRO are supporting the creation of a Bean YEN to help understand the variation in bean yields between fields, farms and seasons. This capitalises on intensive monitoring PGRO are undertaking on a few bean and pea fields, through engaging growers and industry in taking and sharing measurements and benchmarking crop performance. Growers and supporters receive:

  • Soil analyses supported by NRM
  • Leaf tissue analysis supported by Yara Lancrop Laboratories
  • Analyses of crop samples at harvest to give yield components, harvest index & nutrient uptake.
  • Assessment of seed samples at harvest
  • Estimates of biophysical yield potential based on their soil & weather
  • An individual report in autumn benchmarking their crop for a wide range of metrics
  • Analyses of the dataset to find agronomic practices and other factors that relate to crop performance
  • Attendance at a meeting in winter to discuss results and for growers to share their experiences and ideas
  • Newsletters & communications


Growers are asked to provide:

  • Field location, field history & soil information
  • Info on soil management, establishment & agronomic inputs
  • Visual evaluation of soil structure (VESS)
  • Observations on key crop growth stages, including photos
  • Soil, crop & seed samples for lab analysis
  • Accurate yields
  • Score of harvest losses

GRO have covered the set-up and central costs of Bean-YEN, but to cover marginal costs for additional measures, reporting and attendance at meetings we are looking to industry partners and individual farmers for financial support. The cost of joining the YEN is £250 for farmers directly, £350 where supported by a 3rd party.

To discuss further please contact  or or to register entries please email

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