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The benefits of joining YEN

Benchmarking yields

- Entrants can also compare their yield against other entrants, in terms of both the proportion of yield potential achieved and the total tonnes/ha.

- Entrants to the yield competition can compare their yield against a potential yield based on long term average weather data.

Technical understanding of yields

- Technical sessions on yield are run throughout the year, with input from competition entrants and technical advisors.
- The annual awards conference held each November summarises that years' growing season, and give out awards in the following categories:

   - Best proportion of yield potential achieved
   - Best total yield acheived (tonnes/ha)
   - Best wheat grain quality.

- A ten page report on the resources available to your crop (light and water), crop growth and apparent yield constraints.
- Access to newsletters, networking sessions and members area of the website.

Additional benefits

- Free soil health analysis and soil mineral N analysis.
- Free grain analysis, including both physical and chemical assessment.

You can read about farmers experience with YEN on our YEN Farmer Profiles page.


Yield Membership


Within each network, members can compare the advantages and disadvantages of different management options, and compete to achieve the highest proporiton of yield potential, overall yield produced, and yield quality (currently only for wheat crops). 

Yield potential is calculated from information on individual fields, based on the total resources (light and water) available to that crop.



YEN Sponsors


The YEN is run entirely with industry sponsorship and membership fees.

Corporate Sponsors play an important role in mantaining both the Cereal and Oilseed Yeild Enhancement Networks. They also sponsor membership and entry into the yield competitions. 

If you are interested in joining the YEN as a sponsored entrant we can put you in touch with a suitable sponsor. 

Find out more about our sponsors on the Sponsors page



YEN Yield Testing


The YEN Yield Testing project is an EIP-Agri funded project, enabling YEN farmers to carry out robust tests on their ideas for yield enhancement. 




AHDB Farmbench


The Yield Enhancement Network is pairing with AHDB's new Farmbench tool to enable farmers
to look more closely at their field entries. 



Joining the Yield Enhancement Network

Open membership to either the Cereal or Oilseed YEN is available to anyone - companies, agronomists, farmers or groups of farmers.

Within each network there are three categories of membership:

1) Sponsored membership - funded by one of the Corporate YEN sponsors.

2) Supported membership - funded by an alternative sponsor, such as an agronomist.

3) Individual membership - funded by an individual farmer.

If you are considering joining either the Cereal or Oilseed YEN, and are interested in your membership being sponsored by one of the existing Corporate Sponsors, please indicate this when registering. 





  Find out about the latest news relating to Yield Enhancement, including technical publications, reports on YEN results, and other relevant articles. 
  All YEN events are uploaded here, including details on how you can attend them. 
  The members area contains additional information, as well as an archive of older news articles and reports from YEN meetings. 
  Full Competition Rules for all YEN competitions can be downloaded here. 
  Read about previous YEN competition winners here. 
  Find out about the pilot PEA YEN project taking place this year. 


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